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Vacancy Fresh Pak, OOO

LLC FRESH PAK - the trade production company which is constantly introducing non-standard approaches in business, developing and increasing sales at daily high speed announces a competition on vacancy the ASSISTANT SALES MANAGER.

The purpose of the company - the leader of the market of packing materials by the end of 2014!, unique company already "today"!

Whom we look for: the employee who aims the career development, ready to work very hard, able to yield result of 120%, active, self-assured, with good sense of humour, natural gift and thirst of communication with people, with strong confidence that creating and extending a positive to people around you will always be happy and happy with yourself, surely honest, responsible and serious!

Whom we DO NOT LOOK FOR: the person not ready to give all the best for 150% of the opportunities, lazy people who are not able or not wanting continuous development, wishing all benefits "today and right now" of those who in case of difficulties looks for justifications but not ways of their decision, who is not ready to go those all the way, those who is ready "to lower hands", those who is not ready to take the responsibility, that who cannot self-organize and be engaged in self-education constantly.

If you have no purpose to become, the manager, the head of department and in at last commercial director!

That we can offer: we suggest a hard and hard work which gives you the chance quickly to climb a career ladder of the company

- the sales manager or the account manager (depending on tendencies of the person in 6 months from the moment of employment)

- further growth to nach sales department or department of customer service (2 years)

- further - the commercial director (5 years)

If that person of which we look for we think that you will pass this way quicker.

We guarantee:

- continued support!

- training at each stage

- timely and worthy compensation

- additional encouragement and bonuses for an overfulfillment of indicators

- friendly and cheerful staff of adherents

- strict, but fair management :-))

What needs to be done:

daily maximum number of phone calls to potential clients, for the purpose of clarification of needs of the client, identification of the existing client's problems, adjustment of cordial relations, search of LPR, informing the client on our company, purposes of meetings, maintaining base of clients, the reporting.

weekly participation in "brain storms", participation in corrections of scripts of telephone conversations, pass trainings for increase of the skill.


Always to have at itself a charge of a positive and never-ending energy of creation, never to despond!

Working conditions: 5 days from 9-00 till 18-00. and 365 days with 00 to 24.

Salary at an initial stage of 1500 UAH a rate + bonuses for performance of indicators.

Indicators and their cost makes a reservation on interview.

Obligatory requirements for participation in a competition to send the summary from a photo on the fax +38-044-500-80-11 and the copy on el the mail in the Micr.Word format.


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