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For customers Fresh Pak, OOO

Dear friends!
Today we want to tell you about what very strongly distinguishes us from THEM. And though sometimes at THEM is cheaper , our regular customers all the same with us.

Of course you will be able to feel all charm from work with us only having become our regular customer, and this address will only tell you about us.

And so why with us:
1. We are FLEXIBLE.
It means that our small company not to seek to make a huge turn and to sell as it is possible for bigger number of clients. Our purpose most QUALITATIVELY to SERVE our CLIENT. And if for example in the company "..... PAK" on your inquiry "And at you is same only with nacreous buttons?" will answer is NOT PRESENT. That in our company you will be answered "We will call back to you" and so far we say it we already we think where to find "it" for you. Perhaps we will not find goods necessary to you, but there is also a probability, that will find (we in packing not the "first day") and by that we save your time.
2. We are GENEROUS
We have special actions and gifts for our regular customers. For example "the closed sale". Among our clients we sell a certain consignment of goods with a margin of 0,1%. T.E sale at prime cost. Of course, at such action the quantity of goods is limited, but active buyers never miss such benefit!!!
3. We are EXPERTS
For attempt of our manager "to push goods" he immediately leaves! We never sell goods which are not necessary to the client. And if for packing of your product you for example need a film 400 mm wide, we will never offer 450 mm to sell more. And when we see where you can always save on packing we will pay your attention to it even if you buy packing from us.
4. We are HONEST
Can do it and sounds as self-advertisement, but we guarantee quantity and quality of goods in which we trade.

90% of our regular customers once spoke to us "We buy cheaper" and only having tried to work with us they forgot about "price".
We consider ours clients wise as they appreciate quality and then the price.
Each of us understands the value of quality and knows that this factor is more important than the price by 10 times.
Agree all of us in life are ready to pay slightly more expensively, but to receive quality and if at the same time we are served still not by "the Soviet style hamovity shop assistant" and the pleasant sociable person who will try to help but not to sell....
That's it so we also work.

Come and be convinced of it!


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